Divoký Anděl

Laa an der Thaya Laa an der Thaya, Niederösterreich

DIVOKÝ ANDĚL, CZ is registered since 1.10.2001 in Czech Union of Breeders and FIFe
We are a small cattery and currently we have three breeding cats and one boy british shorthair cats, and castrated cat Julie Divoký Anděl.
Cats live with us in our apartment with a Airedale terier Far, so the kittens are accustomed to dogs.
We have a small home farm and we are breeders horses and poultry.
Cats and kittens can move freely in the apartment. Kittens are brought up with maximum care and love and they are perfectly socialized, healthy and happy. They leave us vaccinated, with a passport, pedigree, purchase agreement and equipment for the first days at new home.
We will not send them to people, that will not love them and care for them. We aren’t selling the kittens to shops or to people, that place them in cages.

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  • Britisch Kurzhaarkatze