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I am a former Zoo Keeper from New Orleans and worked in the bird department and the education department at the Audubon Zoo, which is part of the Audubon Nature Institute.
I worked as an advanced animal handler in the Education Department, taking mammals and reptiles (Corn Snake, Rainbow Boa, Guinea Pig, Norway Rat, baby Alligator, Rabbits, Chickens, Salamander) into the community for education purposes.
I worked with the educational outreach program at the zoo, visiting the public in Nursing homes, schools and hospitals, talking about animals and the environment. I also handled, with other staff, a three meter Common Boa for the public to observe.
I performed all husbandry tasks including preparing medications and Operant Conditioning for medical purposes.
I performed these same tasks with the Hoofstock department at the zoo for 18 months, caring for their animals; White Rhino, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Maned wolf, Anteater, African wild dogs, Capybara and Zebra.
I also spent a year working as a Bird Keeper, preparing fruit and meat diets in the bird department. This involved preparing about 80 different food-pans for a collection of over 230 birds. As well as hand-capturing for medical checks, the stand/flock of flamingos( 65+), African Crowned Cranes and Whooping Cranes.
I also spent 2 years living with and observing the life and habits of a family of beavers when I lived on Mount Desert Island, Maine, USA.
I also have references from the Audubon Zoo.

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