Shining Gold

Petőfi út Budapest, Burgenland

We live with our nine Golden Retrievers in the outskirts of Budapest, next to a nice forest. I have always had dogs since I was born, and I will always have some.
I chose the Golden retriever because of their beautiful, elegant appearance, and very nice character, and that choice has remained a love for life.
The fruit of my work is when I see that the dogs I have bred perform well in the dog shows and working trials. But the greatest pleasure for me is to know that they live in families when they are loved and they can love their owners.
Dogs from my kennel lives in various countries of the world, including the Dominic Republic, Ibiza, Germany, Austria, Greece and the USA.
We are really satisfied to know that our dogs are performing very well in the foreign dog shows and health tests too.
It is very important for us to keep in contact with the owners of the dogs born in my kennel. A lot of owners came back to us to change informations about our dogs and I hold a kennel meeting regularly where the dogs and people can enjoy themselves while talking about the dogs.
For me, health, calm and even temperament of the dogs are the most important, I think it is an extra if their confirmation is also exceptional.
Fortunately, I can keep them as family members, we make lots of excursions, we swim a lot, I would not keep dogs anyhow else. They have free access to the house, they live without kennels.
I recommend this breed only to those who can be with them enough, so they can live a happy life, which a Golden deserves.

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